Spaces with Drishte-i

Attach Drishte-i to any DOOH space with significant footfall to increase your revenue & decrease your Opex.


Shopping Malls

Drishte-i is well suited for shopping malls with existing screens or new screens.



Drishte-i is well customised for the airport to manage advertising screens hassle-free.



Drishte-i powered co-working space brings new revenue streams to target growing companies.


Waiting Areas


Retail Spaces

Power your retail stores with Drishte-i to utilize footfall efficiently to cover your Opex.


Railway Stations

Now add intelligence to profile the audience & satisfy the customer in such crowdy spaces.


Bus Stations

Increase the efficiency of your DOOH assets in Bus stations to increase the revenue.


In Transit

Drishte-i will the best way to cover a part of your transit Opex without increasing costs.

Access to Drishte-i

Brace yourself to experience a real-life ANN for non-internet advertising.


Platform Access

Drishte-i is accessible through one of the best interactive dashboards handcrafted with a lot of thoughts put in by industry experts to meet the standards to address the pain-points learnt from the experience of our clientele. We are open to more feedback to improve your experience.

API Access

We understand the technology that we are building has multi-channel significance and from initial versions of Drishte-i, We are focussed on providing unparalleled access through API to empower the technology teams in non-internet advertising.

Increase your ROI in Out Of Home advertising with Drishte-i.
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Partner with Drishte to make your Digital Screen Smarter.
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