About Company

Drishte is an ad-tech company leveraging computer vision focussing DOOH, intended to provide an end-to-end solution to the advertisers to create and execute non-internet advertising campaigns powered by reliable real-time audience profiling and analytics.

  • Drishte-i to enhance DOOH advertising assets which assist Digital advertising Screen Owners.
  • A Network of Drishte-i advertising screens for enabling EDGE AI in Digital Out Of Home Advertising
  • A Simple yet beautiful platform for advertisers to raise campaigns and track their performance.
  • API's & SDK Development for ad agencies & Startups in OOH ad-tech to access the Network of Drishte-i

About Team

We are a team of two founders with 5+ combined years of experience in Artificial Intelligence, Digital Advertising, Marketing Strategies, Services and Product Development. We are powered by a young and yet goal-driven team of 8 members experienced in Computer vision and Advertising.

Now we are still expanding our in-house team and our presence in the advertising industry together. Hiring right talent never stops, So, if are enthusiastic in working in a rapidly growing company you can directly mail to hr@drishte.com.