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  • How Drishte-i enhances OOH adverting?

    Drishte-i is a plug and play device with inbuilt AI models, attached to digital screens. It will enhance the screen with real-time audience profiling with proof of delivery first time in OOH advertising. Advertisers can access the network of Drishte-i through Drishte Platform.

  • How can we advertise on Drishte-i network?

    Drishte believes in flexibility to all. So, we created multiple channels like Drishte dashboard and API. By using these channels, One can directly create campaigns with target metrics and track real-time performance.

  • Does Drishte also help advertising agencies?

    Yes, For sure. Agencies can add the screens they own/manage and leverage Drishte's technology directly to assist their customers. Agencies have to pay the differential pricing compared to Digital screen owners.

  • How Drishte is assuring increased ROI for advertisers?

    Drishte is focussed to create "Pay for Worth" sales channel in OOH Advertising, Because advertisers have to pay only for real-time footfall in offline advertising, Unlike before, where advertisers pay for the average footfall of previous months.

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Screen Owners

  • How can we add our screens to Drishte-i Network?

    Very simple, Just reach our Partners page. We will take care of the further process. Our documentation is very simple, which will always be biased in increasing revenue to screen owners.

  • Do I lose control over my screen assets?

    Drishte is focussed in taking care of management, But control always will be in the hands of Screen owners. Ad-slots selling is automated with metrics set by screen owners. Pricing control also lies with Screen Owners.

  • How Drishte is different from DOOH aggregators?

    Drishte first enhances the advertising technology of the screens and later aggregates them to users of Drishte Platform. Screen owners can also leverage Drishte technology for Self-selling channels with a differential commission.

  • How can Drishte promise growth in revenue?

    Drishte uses advanced AI Engine to improve the efficiency of ad-slots over the Digital screen assets. We reduce the number of unsold slots with Dynamic pricing and unique targeting/analytics like features in OOH advertising